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A Good Read: As far as my feet will carry me - First Edition - First Printing

A Good Read: As far as my feet will carry me - First Edition - First Printing

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Title: As far as my feet will carry me

Author:  Josef M. Bauer

First Printing, First Edition

Copyright, 1957

Random House, New York

Book: Very Good Condition – Nice, clean copy

Dust Jacket: Good Condition; covered in Mylar

Hard Cover

347 pages

Front page has a pencil mark

English language


Book jacket text reads:

The extraordinary account of one man’s escape from a soviet prison camp and his three-year flight across Siberia to freedom

Surely one of the most dramatic human adventures of our time is this amazing escape story of a German prisoner of war, sentenced to twenty-five years of forced labor in Siberia.  Rebelling against the brutal life of a Soviet prison camp, Clemens Forell undertook three years of lonely, fear-haunted flight across the endless wastes of Siberia …in pursuit of freedom.

In its drive and suspense, AS FAR AS MY FEET WILL CARRY ME reads like a novel, but it is essentially a true story.  You are with Forell through all his exotic adventures – in the confined yet intense life of the prison camp and his ingenious escape; in his desperate struggle to survive the long trek in the wilds, battling cold, hunger and animals; in sudden brushes with Russian police.  You are with him as he meets wild nomadic tribes, escaped convicts – and finally, in his most surprising adventure in the Soviet Union, the chance encounter that decides his fate.

AS FAR AS MY FEET WILL CARRY ME is one of the most exciting chapters in the record of human daring and courage. Written with a brooding power, this book is almost hypnotically compelling.

Josef Martin Bauer was born in 1901 in a small Bavarian village.  Besides editing a small newspaper in Bavaria, he has written many prize-winning novels, short stories and radio plays.  At first Mt. Bauer took his themes from the country and village life in which he was brought up, but the political chaos of Germany and the Second World War turned his attention to what he calls the “European adventure.”  As a soldier he was sent to France and Yugoslavia and participated in the Russian campaign, of which he says: “In those Russian years I had many opportunities to learn the land and the people, their circumstances and mentality.  I escaped the fate of a prisoner, but came out with a feeling for this ghastly world.”

Josef Bauer’s first meeting with Clemens Forell resulted in a long series of interviews, from which the extraordinary facts and circumstances of his flight were put in orderly sequence to form this present book.