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The Art of the Shadow

Shadows are fun and if you take the time to look, you’ll see how they can create artistic visuals. As I write this blog post, I’m trying to think of some memorable advertisements that have used shadows. After some Googling I found an advertisement that played a major role in the use of shadows: The DeBeers diamonds ad (commercial, 1994).  After watching it, I remember seeing it.  It’s really a great one. The wife is swirled around in the husband’s arms …..the recently married couple are in love. The swirling shadow appears on the front door of their first home together. The next scene is a shadow of mom and dad presenting their young child with a birthday cake. Then, a shadow scene of mom and dad walking toward their son to congratulate him at his graduation; gown and cap tassel shadow a dead giveaway. The last scene is husband and wife kissing while a diamond necklace is overlaying the shadowy 25th anniversary kiss.  Truly, a great and memorable commercial expressing their life's highlights. 

Speaking of shadows, I invite you to look at my Shadow Collection of fabrics and pillows.

Stay tuned for more that I'll be adding to this collection by transforming my shadow photography into design.

Below is a photo that I took of the shadowed steps at the City Hall in Seguin, Texas.  The photo next to it shows the design that was derived from the photo.  I also digitally color my photos that add texture and interest to the designs.






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