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Papier Collection No. 1 - 1 Yard Fabric

Papier Collection No. 1 - 1 Yard Fabric

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This design was inspired by early 19th century hand-painted Chinese wallpaper.  Wallpaper, which had reached the height of fashion in 1700’s Britain, once symbolized luxury and elegance. But by the early 19th century, European-printed wallpaper was standard in working-class homes. This led to a demand for custom-made Chinese wallpaper that was hand-painted for wealthier households.

My fabric designs are created from digital photography and are drawn from nature, architectural and antiquities details, textures, patinas, and found objects.

Note:  Not all my fabric designs are for sale here on my website.

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We highly recommend purchasing a swatch before purchasing yards of fabric as sometimes the true color does not display correctly on your computer screen.  Swatches are $2.50. 

Contact us to purchase a swatch and to request fabric specifications and suggested uses.


Velvet - 54"

Belgian Linen - 54"

Cotton Canvas - 56"

Denim - 56"

Chiffon - 54"

Perennial Sateen - 116"

Longleaf Sateen - 116"