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The Mysterious Vintage Italian Fashion Label

The Mysterious Vintage Italian Fashion Label

I’ve read various blog posts and there seems to be a rumor going around that Emilio Pucci and Princess Marcella Borghese collaborated to create the Emilio Borghese fashion label.  As a matter of fact, when I first started my research, I too had those thoughts because I kept coming up with articles that told of their close friendship.  Afterall, the Princess was not only the creator of the Borghese cosmetic line where she created brightly colored lipstick and nail polish to match Pucci’s colorful prints, but she was also a knit-wear fashion designer herself.  And the fact that Pucci was a fashion designer, it made sense to me too.  Several 1960’s articles reported event news where both Pucci’s and Borghese’s clothing lines were being shown at the same events.  Some fashion news articles mention both of the them and show side-by-side images of models wearing their designs.

Then, I found these articles:

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