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Fabric Designs

Designs are being uploaded daily.  The last update was: 10/20/20.

New designs are posted via Instagram  prior to being posted here. 

Designs shown below are available for purchase for home design, upholstery, or fashion projects. 

Upholostery fabrics are available in Belgian Linen, Velvet, Cotton Canvas, and Denim.

Please note, while we have done our best to accurately represent the color, position, and scale of these designs, the finished product may be slightly different than what appears in the preview.

Colors vary depending on the type of fabric you choose. 

We highly recommend ordering a swatch before you order.  Swatches are $2.50 each per type of fabric.

Contact Us to request a swatch or to talk about a collaboration.


 Absract No.1

Abstract No.2

Abstract No.3

Abstract No.4

Abstract No. 5

Abstract No.6

Abstract No.7

Abstract No.8

Abstract No. 9

Abstract No. 10

Abstract No. 11

Americana No.1

Americana No. 2

Americana No. 3

Azaleas No.1

Azaleas No.2

Azaleas No.3

Azaleas No.4

Azaleas No.5

Azalea No.6

Balloon No. 1

Balloon No.2

Balloon No. 3

Balloon No. 4 

Balloon No. 5

Balloon No. 6

Balloon No. 7

Balloon No. 8

Balloon No. 9

Balloon No. 10

Balloon No. 11

Balloon No. 12

Balloon No. 13

Beautyberry No. 1

Beautyberry No. 2

Beautyberry No. 3

Beautyberry No. 4

Beautyberry No. 5

Beautyberry No. 6

Beautyberry No. 7

Beautyberry No. 8

Beautyberry No. 9

Beautyberry No. 10

Beautyberry No. 11

Beautyberry No. 12

Belize No. 1

Belize No. 2

Belize No. 3

Belize No. 4

Belize No. 12

Belize No. 13

Belize No. 14

Boca No. 1

Botanicals No. 11

Botanicals No. 27

Botanicals No. 28

Botanicals No. 29

Botanicals No. 30

Botanicals No. 31

Ca' d'Zan No.1

Ca' d'Zan No.2

Ca' d'Zan No.3

Ca' d'Zan No.4

Ca' d'Zan No.5

Ca' d'Zan No.6

Ca' d'Zan No.7

Ca' d'Zan No.8

Ca' d'Zan No.9

Ca' d'Zan No.10

Ca' d'Zan No.11

Ca' d'Zan No.12

Ca' d'Zan No.13

Ca' d'Zan No.14

Ca' d'Zan No.15

Ca' d'Zan No.16

Ca' d'Zan No.17

Ca' d'Zan No.18

Ca' d'Zan No.19

Ca' d'Zan No.20

Ca' d'Zan No.21

Ca' d'Zan No.22

Costa No. 1

Costa No. 2

Costa No. 3

Costa No. 4

Costa No. 5

Costa No. 6

Costa No. 7

Costa No. 8

Costa No. 9

Costa No. 10

Costa No. 11

Cumulus No.2

Cumulus No.3

Curiosities No. 8

Driskill No.6

Driskill No.4

Driskill No.4 

Driskill No.2

Driskill No. 2

Driskill No.5

Equestrian No. 2

Equinox No. 1

Equinox No. 2

Equinox No. 3

Equinox No. 4

Florentine No. 1

Florentine No. 2

Florentine No. 3

Florentine No. 4

Florentine No. 5

Florentine No. 6

Honeycomb No.3

Honeycomb No.2

Mosaic No.1

Mosaic Collection - Designs by Alice Lowe

Nouveau No. 1

Papier No. 1

Papier No. 2

Papillon No.1

Patina No. 1

Patina No. 2

Patina No. 3

Peacock No. 1

Peacock No. 2

Peacock No. 3

Peacock No. 4

Peacock No. 5

Peacock No. 6

Peacock No. 7

Peacock No. 8

Peacock No. 9

Peacock No. 10

Ringling No.1

Rosas No.1

Rosas No. 2

Rosas No. 3

Rosas No. 4

Rosas No. 5

Rosas No. 6

Rosas No. 7

Rosas No. 8

Rosas No. 9

Shadow No.1

Shell No. 1

Shell No. 2

Shell No. 3

Soleil No. 1

Soleil No. 2

Soleil No. 3

Soleil No. 4

Soleil No. 5

Soleil No. 6

Soleil No. 7

Soleil No. 8

Soleil No. 9

Spice No. 1

Spice No. 2 

Spice No. 3 

Terra No.1 

Tropics No. 1

Tropics No. 2

Tropics No. 3

Tropics No. 4

Ventana No.1